11 Reasons to Move to San Diego

Picture yourself waking up to palm tree skies, walking down boutique-lined streets to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed java at your local cafe, and spending a few quiet moments sipping your brew watching the waves cascade onto the shoreline… sounds like a dream right?

Not to sound too cliche, but this is actually a pretty typical morning for many living in San Diego. And while the beaches may be top of your list for reasons to move to San Diego, there is so much that this city offers its residents.

So kick up your feet, and be prepared to be convinced to scurry on down to San Diego because these 11 reasons to move here will have you itching to pack your bags ASAP.

Reasons to Move to San Diego:

1. Mild Weather Year-Round

The weather in San Diego is by far the leading reason why people love this area so much. As someone who hails from the east coast of the U.S., I’m happy to report that snow on Christmas is not missed around here.

Here is how the weather typically plays out throughout the year in San Diego:

SD coastline 11 reasons to move to San Diego

January – February: temperatures around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, cloud covered skies in the morning, with clear, sunny afternoons

March – April: temperatures start to slowly rise, with similar mornings to afternoons of cloudy to sunshine

May – June: San Diegans have coined the phrases ‘May Gray’ and ‘June Gloom’, as both May and June tend to showcase cloudier skies throughout both months. Temperatures are still mid 60’s-70’s.

July-September: the hottest months of the year in San Diego. July and August see the most humidity of the year, with temperature usually up in the upper 80’s (degrees Fahrenheit). While ‘humidity’ is a relative term used to describe summer in San Diego, if you’re used to low humidity for most of the year the two months of slight humidity can tend to feel like a lot, however, it’s nothing compared to east coast humidity.

October: probably the best month for beautiful weather in San Diego! Clear skies most days, with temperatures in the mid 60’s-70’s.

November – December: Temperatures start to drop, but usually won’t go below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (if that low at all). December can get a bit of rain, but we welcome it because the greenery starts to bloom around this time of year.

2. Location to Nearby Destinations

Another fantastic reason to move to San Diego is its location to so many great destinations! Not only is the city like it’s own laid-back, tropical destination, but it’s within driving distance to Baja Mexico, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles and mountain resorts. If you tried you could spend the morning skiing, the afternoon on the beach and the evening enjoying fresh tacos in Mexico. I mean, you would put a lot of miles on your car doing this, but the point is, you can easily access so many great places within a short drive.

Venice LA, 11 reasons to move to San Diego

3. Diverse Neighborhoods

The culture in San Diego is so unique, and also equally welcoming, and this is felt throughout each of its neighborhoods. Each neighborhood of San Diego has it’s pros (and its cons), and each has a unique feel and vibe to it. Once you find the one that best suits you, you will be in neighborhood heaven and never want to live anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a more hip vibe and a condominium near new bars, then you would love North Park.

If you prefer a more elegant lifestyle and beach views, say hello to La Jolla.

Enjoy a downtown lifestyle, but also want to feel like you can access the rest of the city? Downtown and East Village are perfect for you.

Or maybe you prefer a larger family home with nearby amenities? Try Point Loma, Poway or Ranchos Penasquitos.

These few neighborhoods barely scratch the surface of what San Diego neighborhoods have to offer!

PB boardwalk, 11 reasons to move to San Diego

4. San Diego’s Great Food Scene

We’re not sure if it’s because we grew up in smaller suburban towns, or if San Diego really is this awesome, but the food scene here is reason enough to move to Southern California. No matter your preferred food type, you can find plenty of it here.

From authentic italian food, to incredible Mexican cuisine, affordable & mouth watering burgers, ramen that will explode your tastebuds and so much more. It’s hard to be disappointed when it comes to eating out in San Diego. And don’t get us started on the plant-based and vegan options here. If the place isn’t already plant-based, you can easily find multiple vegan options on almost any menu.

There are also multiple farmers markets that all offer local fares and fresh dishes. In fact, many people here tend to live by the lifestyle of planning their days around their meals.

cafe view from second level, 11 reasons to move to San Diego

5. Outdoor Activities Year Round

San Diego is an active city. While the overall energy is laid back, the people here truly love to get outdoors. And San Diego makes it so easy to do so. Not only are there plenty of beaches to enjoy for surfing, snorkeling, free diving and swimming, but you can join beach volleyball leagues, or pay for someone to set up your own beach campfire with friends.

Not a fan of the sand? How about epic hiking trails, bike paths or rollerblading on the boardwalk?

There are also plenty of golf courses with gorgeous views, a bay ripe for water activities (we personally love to Stand up Paddleboard!) and if wine tasting is an outdoor activity to you, then San Diego has you covered there as well.

Torrey Pines, 11 reasons to move to San Diego

6. Beaches!

Need we say more? Beach access year round?! And not just access to beaches, but beautifully maintained, warm beaches that you can enjoy 365 days a year. Ever been to the beach on Christmas? If you move here, you can easily make your friends jealous by sending sandy toes photos of yourself celebrating the holidays watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, all while you enjoy your self made charcuterie board at Sunset Cliffs. Let’s just say it’s a bucket list item you should have on your list.

San Diego is home to an entire coastline of beaches from the Mexican border area of Imperial Beach, all the way up to Oceanside. Even if you can’t afford to purchase a home within walking distance of the beach, you can easily find a perfect home that is only a 10 minute drive to get to one of them. Talk about a great way to end the work day!

Tourmaline beach at sunset, 11 reasons to move to San Diego

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7. Family Friendly

San Diego has so much going for it, including that it is very family friendly. Yes, the beaches are great fun for kids, but how about two nationally acclaimed zoo’s, a water park, an amusement park and countless local parks too? I can only imagine how incredible it must be to be a child who gets to grow up in an area where the beach is ten minutes away (we had to drive two hours to see the ocean where I grew up!).

In addition to having plenty of activities for kids, the school system in San Diego is phenomenal. In fact, it’s one of the highest rated areas for education in the country. Which leads us to our next reasons to move to San Diego…

8. Great Schools

San Diego feels like it’s almost taunting everyone to move here – plenty to do, beautiful landscape AND great schools?! If high quality education is a priority for your family, then the schools in San Diego have you covered. Not only are many of our San Diego school districts top ranked in the state of California, but students have unique access to outdoor campuses, and surf gym classes!

9. Growing Job Market

We all know that Silicon Valley and San Francisco have been the hubs for technology related businesses to take up residence in, but with increasing cost of living in those areas, many businesses are seeking to start in more affordable, but equally beautiful places. Which leads them directly to sunny San Diego.

And we mean it when we say that the job market in San Diego is vastly expanding; from aerospace & maritime tech to horticulture, biotechnology to hospitality, almost every industry is growing in number here.

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10. Local Businesses (breweries, farmers markets, small stores)

Large companies are really loving on San Diego these days, but when it comes to supporting businesses, San Diegans pride themselves on supporting locals. And boy, does San Diego deliver on having a whole host of small, locally owned businesses; all of which help make San Diego feel like a big city with a small town vibe.

San Diego has become one of the major cities for breweries. While an occasional domestic light beer can be nice, San Diego locals often prefer a carefully crafted, locally brewed beer during their happy hour. And when it comes to groceries, damn are we excited about knowing that our food was locally sourced from a farm within San Diego county. And it’s not just at our San Diego farmers markets, but at our grocery stores as well. And remember earlier in this post when we talked about neighborhood diversity? Well within every neighborhood lies (at least) a handful of independently owned boutique stores and shops.

SD Cafe shop by Bluescapes Photography, 11 reasons to move to San Diego

11. Low Key Lifestyle

If you’re planning on moving to San Diego from another city, then one of the first things you will notice about life here is that everyone moves at a much slower, more enjoyable pace. Like when you finally get to enjoy a nice four course meal out, where you slowly enjoy each wine pairing and let the flavors of each dish wash over your tastebuds, that’s kind of how we like to live our lives here. Slow, steady and eyes open to everything we get to do.

Yes, there are almost always events or festivals to check out on the weekends, but few people are ever in a rush to get there on time, because we’re busy enjoying the scenery and time spent with friends.

Thinking of moving to San Diego, California?

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