7 Best San Diego Neighborhoods for Millennials

When it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood in San Diego to live, we always say that it depends on your preferred lifestyle. And more often than not, we find that the lifestyle choices and budgets of millennials in San Diego typically choose the neighborhoods we’ve listed below.

Now, this is not to say that other generation ‘stereotypes’ wouldn’t enjoy these areas, in fact, we’re certain they apply to many different people of all different ages and life/family goals. 


Without further ado, here are the seven best San Diego neighborhoods for millennials.

San Diego’s 7 Best Neighborhoods for Millenials

Little Italy

Little Italy is a neighborhood located in downtown San Diego and is one of the most active of the neighborhoods listed here. The area is extremely walkable with boutique shops, locally owned bars and restaurants, and plenty of great cafes to start your day at. In fact, it’s just as lively in Little Italy in the morning cafes as it is in the evenings with the active nightlife scene. Most of the homes available in Little Italy are newer condominiums with newer buildings being built every year.

building in Little Italy San Diego, where should millennials live in San Diego

Solana Beach

If you head up to North County San Diego, you’ll come across a popular beachside town, Solana Beach. Solana Beach is a great area for millenials, especially ones with growing families. Your kids will be in close proximity to great schools and you’ll still be within a short drive to the beach.

Solana Beach is home to the Cedros Design District which is the main street, or downtown, area of Solana Beach. Here you can find local and high end eateries, many of which will feature ocean views just outside their doors.

Solana Beach is a bit more expensive to live in compared to other neighborhoods in San Diego.

Solana beach at dusk, where should millennials live in San Diego

Normal Heights

Normal Heights is a quaint neighborhood of central San Diego filled with charming bungalow homes. We love this area for millennials as it’s centrally located and offers a small town vibe located within a big city. The main street of Normal Heights, Adams Avenue, is home to cherished locally owned eateries that you will find listed in almost any local bloggers favorite food spots; such as Muzita Abyssinian Bistro, Red House Pizza and Bahn Thai.

North Park

Just south of Normal Heights is a much larger millennial favorite neighborhood, North Park. This walkable neighborhood of San Diego offers a lot of local breweries, local restaurants, local cafes… well you get the point; this neighborhood prides itself on celebrating small, local, craft-made businesses. There is also unique and colorful street art on almost every street and alleyway, making your walk to and from your local vendor even more exciting than seeing all of the dogs out and about on their walks.

aerial of North Park San Diego, where should millennials live in San Diego

South Park

If we keep going south, we’ll run into South Park. South Park is the quieter, more homely version of North Park. Locally owned and operated businesses are just as loved here as they are in North Park, but there are more residential buildings than commercial on the main streets in South Park. This means that every business that thrives here is because the locals have approved and supported them. South Park has a wonderful local community that provides homeowners a place of respite inside a larger city.

La Mesa

La Mesa is the only neighborhood listed here that is located in east county San Diego. While the area isn’t too far east as you might expect from reading that, it’s good to know that living here will require an additional 10-20 minute drive to many of San Diego’s popular attractions. While you are a tad further away from San Diego central, the area of La Mesa is much more affordable than other parts of the county.

The neighborhood of La Mesa is up and coming, with new and exciting cafes and eateries continuing to open up.

View of La Mesa from Mt Helix, where should millennials live in San Diego

North Pacific Beach

Also known as North PB, the northern area of Pacific Beach is a great neighborhood in San Diego for millennials. Pacific Beach itself is known for its nightlife (and day-life, if that’s a real word) with its many bars, restaurants and cafes and close proximity to the coast. We like North Pacific Beach because it offers a traditional neighborhood vibe without being in the middle of the action of the bar-goers. You’re close to the beaches, and close to your favorite restaurants, but you won’t be dealing with any rowdy bar patrons at the end of the night. Many of the homes in North Pacific Beach are single family homes with yards.

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