Living in La Jolla, California

If you’re looking to live in a place that transports you to what feels like a tropical island, then you’ll want to live in La Jolla, California. La Jolla is an area of central San Diego that is known for its affluence, but still maintains a local, residential vibe.


The area is home to some of the most beautiful parts of the California coast, highly rated restaurants and cafes and epic outdoor activities. It’s no wonder La Jolla is such a coveted place to live in San Diego!


This densely populated suburban area is only 15 minutes from Downtown and conveniently located in central San Diego, so it’s easy to get anywhere in the county from here.


Let’s dive into what makes living in La Jolla so great.

Neighborhoods in La Jolla

La Jolla is the northernmost beach community in San Diego. It’s just below north San Diego nestled next to Del Mar. When it comes to the neighborhoods of La Jolla there are two ways you can view the area. The first is by three main sections, whereas the second is by individual neighborhoods. We’re going into both to showcase everything you need to know about the La Jolla neighborhoods.


Main areas to live in La Jolla


Downtown La Jolla (The Village in La Jolla) & La Jolla Cove

We’ve combined these two areas of La Jolla, as they essentially ooze into one another seamlessly. Downtown La Jolla is also known as the Village in La Jolla. This is the area that most tourists are familiar with. The main streets of downtown La Jolla are Girard Avenue and Prospect Street, which are lined with boutiques, delicious cafes and restaurants.

The coastline of La Jolla is known as La Jolla Cove. We’re talking about those picture perfect places in La Jolla. Where the rugged cliffs dive into the ocean currents, where sea lions come to sunbathe and where those sought after beaches are. This area is also home to the famous La Valencia Hotel

aerial view of La Jolla coastline, Living in La Jolla (1)

Bird Rock

The Bird Rock neighborhood of La Jolla lies just north of Pacific Beach. We love this area as it still has that eclectic feel in the neighborhood that many love about Pacific Beach, but with an approachable upscale and elegant essence to it.

There are independently owned restaurants and cafes that line the main road running through Bird Rock, La Jolla Boulevard. And this area of the neighborhood is within walking distance to Windansea and Tourmaline Beach. Two of San Diego’s most beautiful beaches.




UTC/University City

University City is named so due to UCSD (University of California, San Diego). Don’t worry, this area isn’t a place overrun with college students. In fact, the area feels more like a business park with gorgeous condominium and apartment buildings, and a stunning mall. Yes, a mall. Sounds cliche for a mall to be called stunning, but the Westfield UTC mall embodies that affluence and elegance that La Jolla is known for.

Individual Neighborhoods in La Jolla

(going North to South)


La Jolla Farms

The La Jolla Farms neighborhood is home to some of the most extravagant homes in all of La Jolla. We’re talking bluffside homes that overlook the Pacific Ocean. The properties here are incredible.



La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores lies just east of the main beaches of La Jolla, making it a great place for families who want to live close to the beach and may have a wide range of budget for a home. This neighborhood is residential and serene with homes that range from quaint beach bungalows to multi-million dollar estates. It’s also home to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Scripps Pier, Living in La Jolla (2)

La Jolla Heights

La Jolla Heights is east of La Jolla Shores and nestled right up next to it. This area is located on the hills overlooking the coastline. What’s great about La Jolla Heights is that the area doesn’t ever see much tourist traffic. So even in the summer months, your neighborhood will be quiet and peaceful. Combine that peaceful living with epic cliff & coastal views, and you have a beautiful and coveted neighborhood in La Jolla.




La Jolla Village

Life wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t toss in confusing neighborhood names; La Jolla Village is not The Village of La Jolla. The La Jolla Village neighborhood is called so due to the La Jolla Village Square, which has a mall and various shopping beyond that. While this neighborhood isn’t close to the coastline or has those coveted views, it’s nearby many popular things to do in La Jolla.




Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is just that, it’s a valley area that is tucked away. This residential area lies next to Mount Soledad’s northern side. The homes here are a combination of early 1990’s retro (or what we jokingly call the Miami Vice style) and beautiful remodels.

Houses in La Jolla with ocean view, Living in La Jolla (4)

Country Club

We love a neighborhood name that tells us exactly what to expect, and the La Jolla neighborhood Country Club does just that! Inside of this neighborhood you have the La Jolla Country Club Golf Course. It’s a golf lovers dream area that also has great views of the coastline.

The Village of La Jolla (Downtown La Jolla)

We mentioned this area before, and we’ll say it again here- the Village of La Jolla neighborhood of La Jolla is essentially the downtown area of La Jolla. This area is home to mostly renovated condominiums and smaller homes and cottages.

Beach-Barber Tract

The Beach-Barber Tract neighborhood is a wonderful walkable area that includes restaurants and shops. It’s a perfect mix of residential and community vibes, where you can enjoy a walkable town area but still maintain a quiet home.

The types of homes in this area are smaller bungalows and condominiums.

Homes in La Jolla with ocean view, Living in La Jolla (3)

Lower Hermosa

Right below Beach-Barber Tract is the Lower Hermosa neighborhood. This smaller La Jolla neighborhood is solely single family homes; the style of homes range from beach bungalows to renovated modern homes and craftsmen.

Upper Hermosa

Upper Hermosa is tucked between Lower Hermosa and Bird Rock (see below). While it’s a bit further from the coastline, residents love the views many of the homes offer. San Diego is known for its sunsets after all.

Bird Rock

While we mentioned that Bird Rock was a large area of La Jolla, in reality the actual neighborhood of Bird Rock is smaller. This specific area is highly coveted in La Jolla, as it’s quite attainable (cost-wise) for many to live in. Plus there is the enjoyable town part of Bird Rock which has a main street with cafes, restaurants and shops lining both sides. The neighborhood also has great proximity to many beaches and views of the coastline.

Tourmaline beach aerial photo, Living in La Jolla (5)


Muirlands is one of La Jolla’s larger neighborhoods. It’s solely residential homes here and is great for those who want to live in the action of the Village in La Jolla but want peace and quiet.

Muirlands West

This teeny neighborhood is just northwest of the Muirlands neighborhood. What separates this neighborhood from Muirlands is that the homes are exceptionally beautiful.

La Jolla Mesa

La Jolla Mesa is nestled right next to Pacific Beach, but feels a world away. Plus it’s a close drive to the lively parts of La Jolla.

La Jolla Alta

La Jolla Alta is a master-planned community. The homes are all similar to one another, fashioned after the traditional Spanish architecture. This community is great for anyone who enjoys an active community or neighborhood.

Soledad South

Soledad South is a neighborhood where, you guessed it, is right next to the infamous Mount Soledad. Depending on your preference, there is one thing to know about this neighborhood that may be good or bad; it’s very close to the freeway. In fact, some homes have views of the freeway from their backyards. If you prefer a better view, then this neighborhood may not be for you. But if you commute for work, it could be extremely convenient.

view of coastline from top of Mount Soledad, Living in La Jolla (6)
la jolla neighborhood map, source BlogSpot

Image Credit: Blogspot

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Homes in La Jolla

La Jolla is a homeowners dream haven. There is a wonderful mix of styles; from Spanish inspired, to beach bungalows, condominiums and modern, and you could live within minutes of the beach or on top of a bluffside with jaw dropping views of the coastline. This allows future homeowners the opportunity to find the exact style of home that fits their personality.


Plus the majority of residents actually own their homes, as opposed to renting out to others. The impact of mostly home owners is that the quality of care put into their homes and the community of the area is highly regarded.


How much does a house cost in La Jolla?

The question you’ve been waiting to learn about – how much does a house cost in La Jolla? As with most of San Diego, the cost of a house doesn’t come cheap. Add into that equation one of the most sought after areas to live in San Diego, and those costs only go up.


Now, the cost of a house in La Jolla will depend on where and what style of home you’re looking for. But, be prepared for a La Jolla home to cost at minimum $1.2 million dollars. Keep in mind, if you want to find your home further east, such as the UTC area, the cost of homes will be greatly different, as will the look. If you want more up to date housing costs on the market you can get an overview here, but if you’re ready to look aggressively right now, contact us and we’ll get you started ASAP.


If you’d rather rent before you buy, so that you can have time to choose the best La Jolla area for you, then expect to pay $1,200 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in UTC, with areas closer to the coast around $3,000 per month.

La Jolla homes on bluffs, Living in La Jolla (7)

Schools & Education in La Jolla

Living in La Jolla means you now have access to some of the most highly rated schools in the nation. We’re talking award-winning, beautifully designed schools.

While we could list them all here, instead, we suggest checking out Niche.com for their comprehensive and always up-to-date information for the schools in La Jolla.

Top Things to do in La Jolla

beach in La Jolla, Living in La Jolla (8)

La Jolla is known for having some of the best outdoor activities in all of San Diego, as well as truly delectable eateries. Here are a few of our and our local friends favorite things to do in La Jolla:


  • Free Dive off the cliffs & explore underwater
  • Stand up paddle board or kayak out from Windansea and La Jolla Shores beach
  • Enjoy cocktails at George’s at the Cove
  • Lattes and breakfast at Parakeet Cafe or Pannikin Cafe
  • Walk around the Village of La Jolla
  • Sunset at the top of Mount Soledad
  • Visit the Birth Aquarium
  • Sunset at the Gliderport
  • Watch Sea Lions at Children’s Pool beach
  • Hike Ho Chi Minh trail to Black’s beach
  • Explore the Torrey Pines Natural State Reserve
  • Golf at the famous Torrey Pines Golf Course
  • Spend an evening at the La Jolla Playhouse
  • Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Thinking of moving to La Jolla?

La Jolla is a wonderful place to live in San Diego. We love that while it’s known for its affluence, it still maintains a small town, residential vibe with an open community and all of the amenities that would be found in urban areas of San Diego.


If you’re looking to move to La Jolla, we can help! Email us to schedule a time to chat with what you’re looking for!